Thursday, April 8, 2010

Do You Know Me?

Do you know this young lady? Let's take a peek into the life of a struggling teenage Cardinal, as she takes a stab at caring for herself in the big, and often scary, adult world. Landing on the deck rail, she peers down at a known food source. Forgetting that her parents usually fed her from seed that had fallen on the ground from this particular feeder (or determined to do it her own way, perhaps), she perches at a feeder not normally frequented by her kind.

It feels a bit awkward, but then again, so do most things these days... Reaching into the feeder, she is able to draw sustenance at last, to keep herself from starving. {The author has to wonder if her parents are sitting on a tree branch somewhere, holding their beaks shut to keep from yelling, "No, not THAT way!! Do it the way we taught you!!}

Finally alone, she takes the opportunity to let her feathers relax and rest. Being grown up is a lot harder than she ever thought it would be, but she dare not let others see her struggles, lest they think she is not able to take care of herself. The last thing she needs is to be put back into the nest!! Yikes, what a thought!!

Suddenly, "others arrive" and her moment of respite is hurriedly forgotten. Sitting up tall and straightening her feathers, she shows just how capable she is. Indeed, she fits perfectly into this adult world, after all!

Well, at least until a big, scary squirrel shows up and scares her... Flying to a nearby pot, she breathes a sigh of relief and gathers her strength for the next foray into the adult world.

Do YOU know this young lady, or others like her? I do, and I find myself being more thankful than ever to a gracious God who shares lessons with me from His delightful world of nature. Be sure to hug your daughter today!


Violet Escalera said...

That was really good! Thanks for sharing that...

srosenow said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

Ollie said...

Alright, Ramona, where's the Kleenex?
You always have a way of saying things that makes me cry. Beautifully said.